The 6th Management Committee / Working Group meeting was hosted by the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) of Bulgaria in Varna on 1-3 June 2015, in close cooperation with ISARS 2016 (

Agenda: MC6_Varna_Draft_Agenda_v5.pdf




General Session

Anthony Illingworth – Introduction

Domenico Cimini – GH News 

Domenico Cimini – GRUAN update

Martial Haeffelin - WG1 Automatic lidars and ceilometers 

Ewan O’Connor - WG2 Doppler lidars 

Domenico Cimini- WG3 Microwave radiometers

Ina Mattis –CeiLinEx2015 Campaign results 

Ewan O’Connor (for A. Manninen)–BL Classification 

Ewan O’Connor (for I. Suomi)–Wind Gusts

Ewan O’Connor (for L. Rottner) - Turbulence 

Ewan O’Connor (for I. Suomi)–Wind Gusts II 

Jana Preissler – Wind cube

Ewan O’Connor –Wind cube characterisation

Simone Kotthaus- Visibility and Urban Ceilometers 

Francesco De Angelis – 1DVAR+RTTOVgb with real observations 

Ulrich Löhnert(for U. Saeed) - Retrieval of Mix Layer Height 

Ulrich Löhnert – SWG report on data formats

Ulrich Löhnert – Discussion on data formats

Marc-Antoine Drouin – Software tool for common data format 

Domenico Cimini - SWG report and discussion on O-B


Session on updates from manufacturers

LudovicThobois – Leosphere 

Harald Czekala – RPG 

Stephane Victori – CIMEL

Christoph Münkel


Report of WGs and closing remarks

Mafalda Quintas – Updates from COST Association 

Martial Haeffelin - WG1 Automatic lidars and ceilometers

Ewan O’Connor - WG2 Doppler lidars

Ulrich Löhnert - WG3 Microwave radiometers

Anthony Illingworth – Final Remarks 


TOPROF at ISARS 2016 (Topic 5, Sessions 1-4, Monday 6 June)


Minutes: MC6_Minutes (Annexes)