Memorandum of Understanding:

Standardised retrieval algorithms for ceilometers, Doppler lidars and MWRs so that key atmospheric properties (clouds, humidity, temperature, aerosol, and winds) can be derived together with their errors.


  • WG1 developed a fog forecasting technique. Trials at Paris, Munich and Vienna airports are on-going:
  • WG1 organized an ALC intercomparison campaign and dataset ( This unprecedented dataset is used for investigations concerning calibration, uncertainty estimates, cloud detection, and aerosol retrievals.
  • WG2 has developed DWL algorithms for characterising boundary layer winds, low level jets, turbulence, wind gustiness, and distorted airflow around isolated islands. FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute) is studying their application for improving forecasts in an operational environment, and other stations have implemented these algorithms to display products in real-time, e.g.
  • WG3 has developed two standardised retrieval processing: a multivariate regression (available through mwr_pro at and a 1DVAR optimal estimation (