Group picture (Granada)

Agenda: MC4-5-7-May-Granada-Agenda-v5


General session

Anthony Illingworth – Introduction

Domenico Cimini – GH News

Frank Wagner – Ceilometer Intercomparison Campaign at Lindenberg, Quicklooks, and Calibration

Christine Chiu – Using the solar background measured by ceilometers to estimate cloud optical depth

Maxime Hervo E-PROFILE update

Ewan O’Connor – SWG Turbulence and Doppler Lidars

Ulrich Löhnert – SWG O-B statistics for microwave profiles

Domenico Cimini – SWG Improved RTTOV code for microwave radiometers

Annika Schomburg - WG4 data requirements

Ulrich Löhnert – HD(CP)2 standard data format

Sabine Hafner – Remarks on behalf of the EUMETNET ‘ObsPMT’ activity


Session on Ceilometers – Deriving backscatter profiles

Georg Heinemann – Lufft

Christoph Muenkel – Vaisala

Stephane Victori – Cimel

Mike Brettle / Joshua Vande Hey – Campbell Scientific


Report of WGs and closing remarks

Martial Haeffelin - WG1 Automatic lidars and ceilometers: Intro and report

Ewan O’Connor - WG2 Doppler lidars

Ulrich Löhnert - WG3 Microwave radiometers: Intro and report

Annika Schomburg - WG4 Data Assimilation: Intro and report


MinutesMC4_Minutes (Annexes)